Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year


New year resolutions?

21 years old

Happy New Year

May this year be wonderful,

I'm 21, birthday soon,

I still have my pillow older than me,

I have my loving family,

I had a lot of friends,

I have a lot of friends,

I, am really grateful that I'm healthy,

I want to do less stupid things,

I want to continue and be a fun person,

I want to learn more,

I want to manage time better,

I want to have superpowers,

I was joking,

I wish to have superpowers,

I want to travel,

I want to be smarter,

I want to know how to earn,

I want money,

I want to be sure what I want,

I want to give my parents,

I want to do my best