Friday, May 27, 2011

Mid year exam

Long time didn't blog,
Because of exams I fought,
There isn't any doubt,
I'm really last fourth

Everyone out there,
Sad cause their test,
I'm not at all,
Even I'm really last fourth,
But that was last exam,
Maybe I'm even worse now,
I just can't help it,
I only know things that are really used,
Not x+y=z,
Nor Nabi Muhammad,
I fail those difficult maths,
and useless Sejarah,
My Malay isn't that good too
But amino acids, glucose,
Force, momentum,
Electrons and metals
That's better
1+2=3 too
And the International language English

I'm just continuing Biology,
Physics maybe,
Don't know what I'll study

Be happy everytime,
Sad couldn't help anything,
Be happy,
Be fair to yourself,
You don't deserve to be unhappy.


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