Saturday, April 30, 2011


But I can only write this song,
And tell you that I'm not that strong,
'Cause I'm no Superman,
I hope you like me as I am

I win all my roommate in arm wrestling,
I never lost in class too,

But I'm just a person,
Ain't no superman,
I still can't win or lose my class' Big Guy,
Yeah we went for seniors 抛铅球 competition,
He got No.3, I got no.5 I guess,
Those form 6 obviously win me,
I'm not that strong

I won't want to rely people,
I hate it when I'm sick,
It feels like kryptonite to superman,
Losing all powers,

If there is a huge rock,
And it suddenly falls,
I can't stop it nor block,
But I'll be strong enough to cover you so you won't hurt at all

If there is a train or car,
And it is reaching just not far,
I can't stop it it's not a shopping cart ,
But I'll be strong enough to push you aside no matter what

If there is a tsunami,
And it could be seen,
I can't pause it like watching a movie,
But I'll be strong enough to carry you to somewhere most safety

If there is anything,
And it's happening,
I can't prevent that thing,
But I'll be strong enough to be protecting

I'm no superman,
Will I be your boy or man,
Doing the best I can,
Hope you like me as I am

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