Monday, December 20, 2010


I'm a Swimmer

Long time no swim..

I can swim but I don't race,
Maybe because not my taste,
Learn to swim to survive,
Or maybe to save lives.

Broga Hill,
Dylan can't go,
Got BeiYee, Celyn, Jooyee, Zi Le, and Zi Le's sister

Went to Zi Le's hometown,
Had supper at mamak,
Played the whole night,
Never slept till 5,
Get up and went climbing the hill,
A little rain and sweat,
Cold at the top of the hill,
I regret saying we'll be hot, haha
Had really nice wallpaper grade photos !
DSLR cameras, wow

Std 6 gathering,
Felt awkward,
20ppl went,
Miss 6M (:

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