Saturday, October 31, 2009


Roses Are Red,

Violets Are Blue,

Roses Are Great,

You Know That's True.

Love Is Like A Rose,

Sweet Scent To My Nose,

Beautiful As It Grows,

Bright Like It Glows.

Roses Has Thorns That Hurt,

Sometimes They Dont Heart,

Protecting Itself From Getting Hurt,

Because They Have A Small Heart.

Roses Are Beautiful,

It Makes You Want To Hold,

But Thorns Are Painful,

Take Good Care When You Hold.

A Rose Can Mean Love,

But It's Thorns Can Hurt,

Like When You're In Love,

Maybe You'll Get Hurt.

You Can Love A Rose,

But You Must Love It At Most,

If You Cant Love It At Most,

You Can't Love A Rose.

Let Go Before It's Too Late,

Or Dont Start For Its Sake,

Water It Before It Dries,

Before Someone Cries.

As The Rose You Wanted,

Withers And Fades Away,

Your True Rose Appeared,

And Your Pains Are Taken Away.

『Hāpŷ †ΛŁฟāצŹ™』

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